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Maintenance Management

Periodic Maintenance

  • In periodic or regular maintenance, scheduled and preventive maintenance efforts are used to protect functional integrity of technical systems. Systems and devices that are currently used to carry out proper maintenance work must be created as maintenance objects in the ERP system. For this reason, maintenance methods are defined for each maintenance object and necessary work steps are defined in the canias4.0 Routes and Work Center Management module. In addition, machine type (e.g., packing unit) and periodic maintenance interval (e.g., weekly, monthly or annually) is entered in the canias4.0 Basic Core Data module, whereas the serial number of the system is entered in the canias4.0 MNT module. These entries enable users to create maintenance plans according to data defined in the system for each serial number. The planning operation can be performed by a user or automatically at regular intervals.

Repair in case of Breakdown

  • In case of repairs after breakdowns, one-time  temporary breakdown messages and short-term repair works to recover a technical functionality are recorded in the system. In the event of unexpected downtimes, general substitute systems must be activated; this may require overtime work and thus increase costs. For this reason, the company must be quick to react to such non-periodic maintenance.

Maintenance Confirmation

  • After a maintenance order is realized (independently of periodic maintenance or unforeseen breakdown), a confirmation is given to the canias4.0 MNT module for the measure applied. The system for which the measure is applied, the time when it is applied and any spare parts used are thus recorded in the system.

Supply of Spare Parts

  • All spare parts that may be considered for a system are recorded in the canias4.0 Bill of Materials module. The components used are automatically excluded from inventory at the time of approval through canias4.0 Inventory Management module. It is also possible to exclude the parts from the usable inventory manually. Missing spare parts in relation to maintenance/repair order have to be supplied. Therefore, an automatic or manual purchase transaction is started in the canias4.0 Purchase module. When ordered parts are delivered, these are recorded as receipt of goods and thus as usable stock in the canias4.0 Inventory module and can be used for necessary maintenance.

Evaluations and Analyses

  • All data collected for maintenance purposes can be used as a basis to make and execute better maintenance plans in the future. As a result of various evaluations, the company has the capability to perform maintenance of technical systems as projected and to secure workflows in a timely manner.

Main Integrated Modules

  • Bill of Materials Management

    Bill of Materials Management

  • Basic Data Management

    Basic Data Management

  • Routing Management

    Routing Management

Other Intagrated Modules

  • Standard Cost Management

    Standard Cost Management

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Capacity Management

    Capacity Management

Main modules

Additional modules

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