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We provide the technology solutions you will need tomorrow! canias4.0 allows you to have the technology to adapt to tomorrow's changes!

Your Success and Benefits

canias4.0 is constantly working with customers and optimizing their processes, which not only helps to improve, but also save the company costs and reduce the budgets used for IT systems. Our team helps customers increase efficiency and feel comfortable using our system. In addition, our team ensures successful projects through years of project management experience as well as expert advice throughout the project cycle.

The almost limitless flexibility of the layout and composition of business processes can be attributed to the unique selling point of an open, object-oriented system architecture. This allows not only to manage tasks within the company, but also to integrate conveniently with third-party systems and exchange systems systems. The canias4.0 infrastructure includes:

1// Product inquiry by e-mail

2// Profile created in CRM

3// Offer made to prospective buyer

4// Product configuration

5// Product calculation

6// Date of delivery estimate (ATP/CTP)

7// Confirm offer per approval process

8// Offer sent by e-mail to buyer

9// Deposit offer in the DMS

10// Converting offer into order

11// Running MRP

12// Generation of purchase requisitions (BANF) for purchase materials and planned orders for manufacturing products

13// Converting purchase requisition to purchase order

14// Goods receipt to order

15// Quality control of purchased materials

16// Converting plan order to production order

17// Capacity planning and staff planning

18// Quality control of endproduct

19// Order picking and palletizing

20// Packaging and labeling

21// Delivery and transport documents

22// Delivery/ distribution to customer

23// Invoicing

24// Submission to financial accounting

25// Receipt of payment and invoice matching

26// Post calculation

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