Main modules

Inventory Management

Movement Types

  • All inventory movements can be configured as required with the help of check tables. All inventory receipt, issue and transfers are recorded automatically on a quantity and value basis.

Record Documents for Inventory Movements

  • Since a record document is automatically created with each stock movement, there is detailed information available in relation to each stock movement. The creation of this document with each change allows all inventory movements to be monitored.

Lot and Serial Numbers

  • Thanks to the integration of lot and serial numbers, material movements can be monitored completely. Particularly, it is of utmost importance that a complete monitoring is carried out for maintenance and service related requirements.

More Transparency with Evaluations

  • As with other modules, the canias4.0 Inventory module to perform filtering of important data through comprehensive evaluations. Using freely selected search criteria, actual data related to, for example, warehouse stocks or warehouse movements, are split according to individual requirements. In addition, materials can be staged as A, B, C or D materials according to stock turnover or their value.

Flexible Storage

  • Due to use of various inventory types and the capability to keep warehouse stocks always up-to-date via different inventory methods, maximum flexibility is assured in the canias4.0 Inventory Module. With the canias4.0 Warehouse Management module, rules regarding flexible storage can be defined when short and convenient means are needed.

Inventory Matching

  • Each stock movement in the canias4.0 Inventory module can be priced by choosing from price types such as average cost, moving weighted average lot/serial number based real cost, FIFO and LIFO. The calculated stock movement prices can be used in various reports and also transferred to and accounted for in the canias4.0 Financial Accounting module.

Main Integrated Modules

  • Sales Management

    Sales Management

  • Purchasing Management

    Purchasing Management

  • Production Management

    Production Management

Other Intagrated Modules

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehouse Management

  • Quality Management

    Quality Management

Main modules

Additional modules

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