Main modules


Integrated E-Mail Client

  • With the integrated e-mail client, e-mails can be sent and received. Also, it is possible to manage more than one e-mail account concurrently. All contact information created in the address book can be easily accessed. Communication may be established with these people through e-mail exchange, telephone or fax integration.

Corporate Schedule

  • The corporate schedule can be displayed as a view specific to the user or as an overview for the company in general. The period to be viewed can be selected individually. Using various viewing filters such as sources (company tools, rooms, etc.) or employee groups (departments, teams, etc.) any search can be carried out within the interactive schedule and the schedule can be viewed as desired. Creation of new activities may take place manually or automatically with integral processes.

Task and Activity Manager

  • The task and activity manager in the CLB module provides comprehensive functions for the creation and management of tasks. User-definable task and activity types can be used (e.g. meeting at customer’s premises, internal activity). Here, different statuses may be assigned to tasks or activities and these assignments are communicated to the user via an e-mail notification.

Console for Collaborator Functions

  • All company specific important lists and figures, obtained from the canias4.0 system, can be viewed on the console. In addition, jobs, pending tasks and desired indicators (including external sources) may be combined as a summary view specific to the user.

Connection with ERP Processes

  • In the module, certain processes related to e-mails can be started using user-defined codes. Therefore, the process of creating sales orders, purchase orders or production orders can be initiated directly over the Collaborator module. These processes that have been integrated to the CLB module can be defined parametrically.


  • The CLB module is an interactive collaborator offering numerous capabilities for personalized operation. Due to its structure fully integrated to the canias4.0 system, several processes can be started and individual connections can be established as desired.

Main Integrated Modules

  • Sales Management

    Sales Management

  • Document Management

    Document Management

  • Electronic Data Interchange

    Electronic Data Interchange

  • Purchasing Management

    Purchasing Management

  • Financial Accounting Management

    Financial Accounting Management

Other Intagrated Modules

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management

  • Project Management

    Project Management

Main modules

Additional modules

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