Main modules

Project Management

Project Planning

  • In this canias4.0 module, the creation of a project is the first step of project planning. In a project, the enterprise project structure (EPS) is created as a table or a Gantt’s chart. Then, activities, dependencies of activities, “milestones” and definition of project resources are planned in detail in graphic or tabular form. After the scheduling of activities, for the entire timeline of the project, both work flow plan and the critical path can be created comprehensively and comprehensibly. The option of using existing projects as a template for new projects or integrate smaller projects each as a sub-project for bigger projects enables to plan and manage projects much effectively.

Invoice Issue

  • In the PRJ module, it is possible to invoice conformations of each project component individually or collectively. An invoice can be created for all costs in the scope of the project such as activity expenses, materials, resources, service types and general expenses.


  • The fact that the module is integrated to the canias4.0 Sales module enables to create and simulate projects from the Sales module. A sales document can be used as base for the creation of a new project. Similarly, resources required for a project and calculated costs can be simulated before creating a project. With the help of payment integration function, the project can be stopped if payments are not collected. Project progresses such as confirmed transactions, services or materials can be invoiced individual to the customers from the Sales module before the project is completed.

Main Integrated Modules

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Production Management

    Production Management

  • Material Requirements Planning

    Material Requirements Planning

  • Sales Management

    Sales Management

  • Purchasing Management

    Purchasing Management

Other Intagrated Modules

  • Business Process Management

    Business Process Management

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

Main modules

Additional modules

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