Why canias4.0?

Revise and optimize your business processes, reduce your time and effort with our cross-functional solution. Hardware independence, easy implementation combined with low IT infrastructure costs. That is canias4.0.
// Platform independence
// Multiplatform capability
// Access to source code
// (Customizable) Standard ERP
// Open system architecture
// Complete integration
// User-friendly, ergonomic interface
// Support of Open Source system software
// Multi-client, multi-language and web capability
// Integrated, object-oriented development environment

  • Software Architecture

    An almost limitless flexibility in the layout and composition of business processes is attributable to the unique selling point of the open, object-oriented system architecture. This allows not only task management over corporate boundaries, but also a comfortable integration with third-party systems and a cross-system data exchange.

  • Technology

    The canias4.0 application has its own runtime environment for its TROIA programming language based on top of Java runtime environment. Thus, in case of an eventual change, it is sufficient to adapt only the intervening interpreter to the runtime environment, rather than changing the entire source code. This innovative technique is the core of the system‘s high flexibility, scalability and independence, and another special feature that is still unmatched in the market.

  • TROIA Development Environment

    Constant market transformation is one of the challenges for companies to quickly adapt their IT-landscape to archive organizational goals. With the help of TROIA development environment, IAS has developed a tool that can promptly adjust to customer needs without restricting release capability. This database driven development tool will be delivered to every customer who signed a maintenance contract so that direct access to the source code of the canias4.0 application will be possible. This gives the customer the ability to set up the system exactly as they wish (it needs a separate license).

  • Solution For You

    Regardless of whether you are looking for a standard system or customized application, you will find your solution in canias4.0. As stated above innovative software infrastructure gives the advantage of offering customers individual software concept. Therefore, canias4.0 can be offered in the form of a customizable standard management system as well as an individual development platform. In addition to the basic implementation of the project, we support you in the adaptation of canias4.0 to your individual requirements and the company-specific development of the solution. canias4.0 guarantees max creative freedom, as IAS customers have direct access to TROIA, the source code of the application.

  • Your Success and Advantage

    IAS works continuously with the customer‘s on optimization and saving potentials, always keeping in mind practicability and effectiveness. Furthermore, IAS ensures success through a tailored project management methodology as well as expert guidance during the whole project cycle.

  • Our Expertise

    Long-standing expertise has always been an important factor in business management systems projects. IAS consulting team have both technical and functional expertise. The customer receives extensive support since the strengths of our consultants are found in both the analytical and conceptual work as well as on the side of programming, problem-solving and solution-implementation.

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