Additional modules

Cost Center Accounting

Cost Types

  • In the canias4.0 system, the expense accounts in Financial Accounting also function as cost types. Here, it is possible that they are defined as fixed or variable costs and also are summarized by forming cost type groups. It is also possible that an account or an account type is defined subject to a cost center. The purpose of this is to guarantee that all relevant financial accounting records are transferred to cost centers.

Cost Elements

  • The canias4.0 COS module enables defining various cost elements (e.g., production orders or projects). Cost elements that occur throughout the period can be checked with a concurrent calculation. Accordingly, costs that arise through a final cost calculation can be compared with original planned costs. The canias4.0 Financial Accounting module offers access to planned costs same as those used in the area of cost accounting or form a separate budget that are taken into account only in the area of financial accounting.

Cost Centers

  • The central master data in the canias4.0 COS module can be defined as desired without being limited to a certain number of cost centers. The defined cost centers are related to cost types (cost accounts) in the canias4.0 Financial Accounting module and to cost carriers (production confirmations) in the canias4.0 Production Planning and Scheduling and canias4.0 Project Management modules. This relation enables the canias4.0 COS module to run in integration with other modules. In addition, it is possible to form cost center hierarchy by defining a superior cost center for each cost center.

Cost Distribution

  • For the purposes of cost entry, financial accounting records, production confirmations and if necessary stock management product movements can be grouped as primary costs. By defining a distribution key, costs in auxiliary cost centers can be distributed to main cost centers. Production confirmations, occurring costs or specified fixed rates (e.g., square meter, number of employees, telephone units used, etc.) can be used each as a distribution criterion. Using the defined distribution key, cost transfers may be carried out between cost centers. In addition, cost distributions occurring as a result of different distribution keys can be compared.

Main Integrated Modules

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Asset Accounting Management

    Asset Accounting Management

  • Invoice Verification

    Invoice Verification

  • Sales Management

    Sales Management

  • Financial Accounting Management

    Financial Accounting Management

Other Intagrated Modules

  • Budget Management

    Budget Management

  • Production Management

    Production Management

  • Standard Cost Management

    Standard Cost Management

Main modules

Additional modules

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