Main modules

Purchasing Management

Order Suggestion

  • The module has a structure linked to other modules in the canias4.0 system. For example, with the help of the canias4.0 Material Requirements Planning module, a purchase request that contains the best ordering time and quantity for a purchase order can be created. To this end, deadline planning based on requirements as well as other parameters such as delivery times, waiting periods for goods (issue of goods) and purchase transactions are taken into account. In case of resulting purchase requests, changes can be made whenever desired. In addition, the system can combine high priority requests with all requests according to time of purchase and other parameters.

Transparent Vendor Information

  • In each order, the vendor who has minimum cost must be selected according to deadlines. To this end, the canias4.0 Purchase module directly compares the purchase data available in the system and lists those that are in favor of the customer. For this purpose, framework contracts containing data such as delivery times, additional cost, discounts, scaled prices, delivery and shipment terms and purchase data records are used as a basis. Purchase requests can be created on the basis of criteria such as lowest price and  shortest delivery period. When comparing prices, the required quantities and the price scale associated therewith are also taken into account.

Traceability and Transparency

  • The canias4.0 PUR module has the capability to assign accounts automatically for purchase transactions initiated due to orders directly opened for customers. Here, the account assignment is triggered by the purchase order request and then transferred to the original purchase order. Therefore, information recorded in the system is compared and a complete process is guaranteed.

All Subtleties of Purchase

  • In this module, not only the purchase order of materials already received in inventory, but also purchase orders of all services and service-type goods that are not required to be received in inventory can be released and audited. Similarly, material supply processes can be managed as standard. Also, information relating to supplying of provided material can be managed smoothly.

Integration as a Competitive Advantage

  • When competitive and cost pressures start to increase, this systematic, ERP-based Purchase module allows for more effective vendor management, quicker processes and economical results. Having a fully integrated structure, the canias4.0 Purchase module takes into account all parameters that are important for procurement throughout the process and contributes to enhanced transparency in addition to savings.

Main Integrated Modules

  • Invoice Verification

    Invoice Verification

  • Material Requirements Planning

    Material Requirements Planning

Other Intagrated Modules

  • Sales Management

    Sales Management

  • Basic Data Management

    Basic Data Management

Main modules

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