Main modules

Invoice Verification

Integrated Verification on the Basis of Orders

  • In order for purchase orders to be fulfilled and subsequently the demanded goods to be delivered, a Purchase order is created in the purchase module and the receipt of goods is recorded in the inventory management module. In order to actualize an integrated verification, a reference to these documents has to be created. In the VER module, users can search the relevant purchase order or receipt of goods easily using the appropriate criteria (vendor number, purchase order number, date, etc.). Here, prices are retrieved from purchase orders and quantities are retrieved from the receipt of goods (with return connection, if any).

Connection with Other Modules

  • The canias4.0 Verification module provides information to the connected modules based on documents created during the recording of the invoice.

Manual Verification

  • It may be the case that not every invoice may not depend on an order. For this reason, invoices can be recorded in the VER module without a reference to an order. To this end, the data in the invoice must be manually entered into the system. Information such as account assignment and cost center, which are related to general accounting items, are kept in the invoice item, whereas information like documents date and payment conditions are kept under the invoice heading.

Return and Cost Invoices

  • In case the goods delivered are returned to vendors thereof completely or partially, a return invoice may be created by reference to the order invoice. Additional cost such as freight, packaging, etc., may be assigned directly to the relevant invoice items or may be distributed proportionally subject to the amount or quantity of items.


  • All the data available in the canias4.0 Verification module are used for price development, price comparison procedures and price analyses.

Advantages of Integration

  • One of the greatest advantages of the canias4.0 system is its high integration level. Thereby, the Verification module assures re-access to data in the preceding function fields like purchase and inventory management, processes them and sends them to vendor and fixed assets accounting, cost calculation, material master data, quality management and other integrated modules. The VER module significantly eliminates errors likely to arise due to incorrect entries and guarantees consistency and compatibility of data without compromising manual intervention capabilities.

Main Integrated Modules

  • Purchasing Management

    Purchasing Management

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Document Management

    Document Management

  • Basic Data Management

    Basic Data Management

  • Quality Management

    Quality Management

  • Financial Accounting Management

    Financial Accounting Management

Other Intagrated Modules

  • Cost Center Accounting Management

    Cost Center Accounting Management

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

Main modules

Additional modules

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