Additional modules

Business Intelligence

Use of Data Resources

  • IQ module is a homogeneous structure that is fully integrated into the system. Without the need for a third-party Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tool, ERP data is passed through the ETL process and transferred to the OLAP tables in the Data Warehouse Management module. Thus, data can be analyzed in a centralized manner and collected independently from the resources. As a result, decisions that are critical to enterprises can be given smartly and effectively.

Multi-Dimensional View on Data and Flexibility

  • The module formats the company‘s critical data in a standardized and structured way and provides the users with multi-dimensional capabilities for efficient analytical inquiry. Thanks to the OLAP tables created using the Data Warehouse Management module, data can be viewed multidimensionally in horizontal and vertical axes in the IQ module. A multidimensional view at data gives flexibility to prepared reports and provides unlimited cross reporting.

Fast Information Transmission

  • The module also provides the opportunity to view large volume data of commercial activities of companies from multidimensional horizontal and vertical axes. Visualization tools like Dashboard can be used in the module. Thus, decision-making processes of companies are supported easily and automatically.

Easy Reporting

  • OLAP tables are designed to meet the requirements and automatically establish relationships between tables without the need to design OLAP cubes. Association technology in the IQ module allows analysis in the way the human brain thinks and offers the user a highly flexible inquiry. As a result of keeping the data available in the association, the results of other analyses that may be related at the same time may be reflected on the screens, apart from the questions asked. With the self-service feature, users can make changes to existing dashboard displays, analyzes or create new screens from scratch.

Ready -To-Use Reports

  • Analysis of data can be started instantly with ready-to-use reports as soon as the module is installed.

In-Memory Analysis

  • IQ module‘s in-memory working technology keeps all the data set in the analysis in memory and reduces the time required to analysis into mere seconds to speed up the processes. In other words, it returns the result of the inquiry made by the user over the data set previously stored in memory before going to the source (database) of that data. Given the large data sets with millions of rows of data from data sources, such technology makes a big difference to the instant calculations that the user needs in terms of speed.

Main Integrated Modules

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Sales Management

    Sales Management

  • Purchase Management

    Purchase Management

  • Financial Accounting Management

    Financial Accounting Management

Other Intagrated Modules

  • Basic Data Management

    Basic Data Management

Main modules

Additional modules

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