Business Management System FOR THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY

The reason is that customer requirements are diverse and each order is special, which has a strong impact on production. Thus, a special business solution is needed especially in the quotation, order and production phases. The system to be set up must be extremely flexibly structured and capable of producing fast solutions.

Textile Industry

While canias4.0 guides its customers’ digital transformation journeys with its 30 years of experience in the global, it took homework from their needs. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know the Textile Industry well, and we offer pinpoint solutions focused on their needs.

One system to manage all processes in the Textile Industry

In the Textile Industry, the product variety is high and varied depending on the customer demands. Every order is a special product. In order to manage this diversity and variability, you need a system that understands you well and can produce fast solutions. We promise you to manage your business processes with maximum efficiency by minimizing the margin of error in important stages such as traceability, critical path (cp) and quality control, thanks to the solutions produced by canias4.0 specifically for the Textile Industry.
We invite you to get acquainted with few functionalities that will help you grow and manage production processes in your industry.

Material Traceability, Tracking and Control

  • There are many modules and applications in canias4.0 that will facilitate the work of companies in the Textile Industry. We offer a fully integrated structure in which all modules and applications in the system speak to each other, as well as the GRM and CON modules, which are developed exclusively for your industry and offered in standard software. In the canias4.0 MRP module, you can produce your orders using custom blasting methods and maximize traceability. The product information form we developed works integrated with the Standard Cost module; so you can directly calculate your costs. Without opening a product card or creating a product tree, you can only provide some basic information to the system and create an offer directly from the product. You can manage the color management on the fabric side with the product trees module and some special applications. Thus, a color recipe can be created according to the fabric lot and you can follow up. You can also monitor the dye house management processes through the system, and thanks to the applications we have developed for this process, the color recipes created can be directly transmitted to the machines. For capacity planning, we set up a system that takes into account the sequential dyeing of the colors and the related boiler washes, depending on the capacity of the dyeing boilers. In summary, with canias4.0, we have prepared the flexible, integrated and fast structure that textile companies need.

Using Efficient Option Configurators

  • With the canias4.0 variant configurator, it is very easy to track tissue stocks. With the variant concept, the system can be operated using a minimum inventory card, a minimum BOM (material balance), a minimum route (operational data). Although this varies depending on the analysis in the company, we can adjust the fabric variants according to (properties) width, weight, irregularities, color, pattern, etc. Finished products wear color, size and quality. the most important options. Depending on the concept of the variant, depending on the fabric variant, the yarn consumption (with the color variant) and the operations can be easily controlled. Thus, the amount of yarn consumed and the path to go will vary depending on the product variant. For example, the canias4.0 variant configurator will automatically extract red thread/dye consumption for red fabric production. Using the variant function, customer order records and production confirmations can be systematically entered into the system on a matrix table. The online production management concept is also suitable for the garment industry. Online work order tracking is essential to track performance and effectively track manufactured parts. Using the canias4.0 function of the variant, any report showing the properties of the fabric and the product can be obtained.

Custom Inventory Tracking for a Specific Customer

  • Inventory management according to customer orders is very important in the industry. All inventory is managed according to the order number specified in the sales order. The supplied fabrics and accessories are included in the system along with the batch numbers provided by the supplier before purchasing. canias4.0 may only create rules for the use of these materials in accordance with the relevant sales order. So when we take out instant stock, we have two options: unprotected stocks of raw materials (they are waiting to be used in stock, along with supplier batch numbers and if the supplier does not provide a shipment number, the system generates batch numbers and attaches them to the receipt of the warehouse connected to the purchase, thus, traceability can be ensured) and reserved stocks of raw materials awaiting consumption.

Reduction of Intermediate Stocks and Waiting Time Through Efficient capacity planning

  • One of the important problems in the sector is band balancing. The cause of grief is the lack of data to be used for balancing. With an online work order, standard times can be set and used as data bar balancing data. Band balancing decisions are made by the Capacity Planning module. The routes by which we specify the order in which the product is used can be very different. Intermediate stocks and waiting times that may occur during this period should also be controlled. For this reason, route-defined operations or job centers may be reviewed based on capacity decisions prior to commencing a work order. A new operation can be added, an existing operation can be divided (split internal production + consignment, consignment + consignment + n, etc.). Operational versions can be managed quickly by placing an order using canias4.0. When planning canias4.0 capacity planning and advanced planning programs, appropriate plans are made based on many parameters, such as constraints (machine or worker), workbenches or groups of benches that can work with each other, boilers, priority rules, dynamic stocks. In addition, these plans may be revised as necessary. Solutions such as work, work, or job prioritization can be controlled on a visual screen using the Gantt diagram.

Traceability of Waste

  • MRP can make decisions such as “dyeing”, “spreading wide”, following the rules of minimal wastage on the textile side of the home, rather than ready to wear, and fabric wastage can be reduced during cutting. In prepared garments, waste should be included in the system, especially during cutting, and an approximate inventory record should be kept. Waste can be used in this operation if the product is cut-sewn. Thus, an equal percentage of waste consumption can be achieved. In addition, firm sales can be managed directly through the system.

Performance Quality Control at Each Stage

  • Quality management is one of the most important functions of clothing and fabrics. We can divide canias4.0 quality control practices into two parts. The process is controlled according to criteria and sample plans established at the purchasing and production stages, with goods receipt control and operational quality control practices, and processes such as return, recycling, and quality determination can be activated on a case-by-case basis performed.

Tracking the Cost of Real Units (Parts) to Order

  • One of the necessary parts of the sector is the issue of costs. Expenses are managed in three ways using canias4.0:
    // Ready – made garments
    // Standard costs (preliminary cost analysis before production)
    // Actual costs (actual costs after production)

    This is a study to determine the estimated pre-production costs based on the operating costs of the standard product trees (recipe) and the operating unit. The standard price is usually used to analyze the bid price. Actual costs are costs calculated on the basis of actual material costs and expenses. It is produced according to the customer’s order (order) for the previous period. At the end of the period, canias4.0 provides a standard comparison of actual costs and identifies deviations. It is an important source of data for the sector, especially for in-house/consignment production decisions.

Effective Shipment Tracking and Control

  • Due to the intensity of subcontracting operations in the sector, subcontracting and control functions are very important. Basically, we can divide subcontracting operations into two headings.
    Although these items are at lower product levels, such as purchasing a shipping service, unprocessed ready-made fabric, dyed fabric, accessories, and lower product levels, a stock card and inventory are opened through the system. tracking is done physically. However, this is not a very fair process in which the main material record is restored through the system for each intermediate level that occurs during production. In the canias4.0 system, tracking of each intermediate stage can be easily managed without opening a stock code. In addition, based on customer orders, it is possible to keep track of which goods and how much we work with subcontractors. In addition, the costs of subcontracting operations are also closely monitored due to the fact that the parcel service invoices are directly related to the relevant work order operation. Sales of parcel services are effectively monitored using the existing sales, production, purchasing and inventory infrastructure. Unlike normal production, some BOM elements are received by the customer free of charge and are thus included in production.

Comprehensive Sample Monitoring and Control

  • The sample production can be considered as a small copy of the production facility. Examples could be a model that the company will add to its collection, or it could be a customer-placed order. The concept of version is also important in the examples. There may be more than one version of the model, and differences in versions should be easily reported. The main material records in canias4.0 are a product file and do not track certain information (unit, price, description) about the material. This file will provide information for managing sample tracking; Parcel sales services, Sample versions, Designer, Graphics designer, Season, collection, Works of art, Invoice example and route Pictures, Options that can be used (color, size, etc.). Thanks to canias4.0 reports, the work of the sample staff can be thoroughly evaluated. In addition, the completed examples contain information about the cutting master, sewing master, etc. related to the work order.

The main recommended modules in the Textile Industry

  • Module

    Material Requirements Management

  • Module

    Standard Cost Management

  • Module

    Production Management

  • Module

    Capacity Management

  • Module

    Inventory Management

  • Module

    Quality Management

  • Module

    Service Management

  • Module

    Maintainance Management

  • Module

    Routing Management


Due to its unique technology, architecture, and development environment, the TROIA code management tool provides customers with direct access to program code. Therefore, with canias4.0 software, companies can flexibly and efficiently adapt and further develop existing solutions.


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