Business Management System FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY

Our solution has a modular structure. Thanks to its open source code structure, you can flexibly build the functionality you want to meet your needs. The comprehensive ERP system is integrated with our Industry 4.0 technology.

Automotive Industry

With its 30 years of experience, canias4.0 has developed itself while guiding its customers’ digital transformation journey while producing solutions for their needs. Thanks to our long years of experience, we know the Automotive Industry well and offer solutions for all industry-specific needs. Our technology includes IoT tools, devices and our powerful database management system IAS DB so that you can collect, store, manage and evaluate all relevant data so that you can control and optimize your smart factory.

One system to manage all processes in the Automotive Industry

canias4.0 includes a standard ERP solution specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry. It offers all the necessary modules and features to properly map and support processes and projects from production to materials management, procurement to financial accounting. And all of these are produced with the latest technology. At the same time, canias4.0 offers you a flexible solution that can be adapted to your personal needs at any time. This is the unique advantage of canias4.0.

The enterprise resource planning software canias4.0, offered with canias4.0, has been designed to meet the needs of all companies regardless of the sector. In addition, as a result of many years of experience and successful projects, specific needs for each sector were determined and sector-specific solutions were added to the standard software. Companies in the automotive sector can manage their business processes with maximum efficiency with these applications we offer in the standard of canias4.0. Let’s take a look at just a few of our solutions specific to your industry’s needs!
We invite you to get acquainted with few functionalities that will help you grow and manage production processes in your industry.

Full Integration with EDI for Customers and Dealers

  • EDI messages allow you to easily query the fate of incoming and outgoing messages with a strong logging infrastructure. Standard protocols such as EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA are available for incoming and outgoing messages. In addition, web service and ftp infrastructures can be used in communication with third party EDI providers.

Effective Pricing Policy Management

  • canias4.0 offers four different pricing policies that can be defined: Product and customer, product and price list type (with customer group), product price group (with product group) and customer, product (dynamic and customer). In addition, the pricing option according to the customer delivery location or delivery door is also found in the software standard.

Refund and Difference Invoices’ Management

  • Return invoices can also be easily monitored with canias4.0. Transactions such as the calculation of the sales prices determined by the main producers over the previous invoices, the difference invoices calculated by the customer or suppliers can be easily performed.

Warehouse Management with Barcode and Hand Terminal

  • Thanks to the barcode and hand terminal applications, the materials are easily tracked. Many barcode formats such as kod39, kod128, ean128, square barcode, qr barcode are offered as standard. Barcodes based on location, material (raw material, semi-finished product, product), pick and place order, delivery note can be created. In addition, barcodes can be easily integrated with Prdmobile (production applications) and Invmobile (warehouse applications) handheld terminal applications.

IoT Solutions

  • We offer holistic solutions to your technology needs with canias4.0. Thanks to our automation product that works fully integrated with canias4.0, kiosk production panels can be directly communicated. With canias4.0 IoT, production notifications are received from objects. Without using the canias4.0 IoT structure, you can perform the process of providing data from the operators in the field with the least possible movement with kiosk panels.

Detailed By-Product Cost Management

  • The “by-product” concept in production offered by canias4.0 is used to support the right and left part concept created during injection, scrapping, returning the parts to be recycled to the warehouse, and the storage of parts such as burrs and shells generated during other production and their inclusion in the following production processes.

Supplier EDI Integration Advantage

  • MRP, triggered through sales orders created with EDI or manually entered, will create your purchase requests and production plans by evaluating the data collected from many points. By classifying your purchasing requests under the purchasing deadline agreement documents, you can share your long-term purchasing plans with your suppliers in the format you want (EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA etc.).

Production Intelligence Management

  • With the canias4.0 Production Intelligence (PRI) module, you can perform many reporting operations such as production cockpit, OEE, stop report, waste report, rework report, operation metrics, by-product usage, shift/personnel report.

The main recommended modules in the Automotive Industry

  • Module

    Material Requirements Management

  • Module

    Standard Cost Management

  • Module

    Production Management

  • Module

    Sales Management

  • Module

    Capacity Management

  • Module

    Inventory Management

  • Module

    Quality Management

  • Module

    Service Management

  • Module

    Maintainance Management

  • Module

    Export Management


Due to its unique technology, architecture, and development environment, the TROIA code management tool provides customers with direct access to program code. Therefore, with canias4.0 software, companies can flexibly and efficiently adapt and further develop existing solutions.


  • Pipe Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE PIPE INDUSTRY

    As most of the organizations are mid-sized companies in this industry, they need to manage their business process with the help of software solution. canias4.0 will help to cope up with the demand of quality products and supply of quality products.

  • Packaging and Print Industry


    Globalization, innovative technologies and increasing consumer demands characterized by individualization, product safety and environmental compatibility are currently placing strong demands on the packaging industry. Thus, a strong change in the way any kind of product is packaged, labeled and offered for sale is high on the agenda in this industry. Solutions that make processes and workflows flexible and drive the digitalization of production technology in the packaging industry are the right answer.

  • B2B and B2C Industries

    Business Management System FOR THE B2B AND B2C INDUSTRIES

    canias4.0 software fully complies with all management principles for B2B and B2C Industries. The POS module allows you to have an integrated cash register module, a fast and efficient integrated product planning system, allows you to quickly and efficiently view products in stock or arriving. In this way, the system allows marketers effectively deliver solutions needed for good and fast sales.

  • Electronics and Telecommunications Industry


    Few industrial fields are as unpredictable and fast as modern electronics and technology innovations. Are you a telecommunications or business electronics parts manufacturer? Do you provide highly regulated devices to the medical, aviation and defense, or automotive industries? The canias4.0 business management system provides program solutions that will help you create a quality product and manage processes to stay in the lead in your competitive environment.

  • Glass Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE GLASS INDUSTRY

    As in some sectors, the glass industry also has its own differences and applications. Most of the companies operating in this sector start with the priority of the offer to be given to the sales process. It is a sector that starts with such a priority application in the glass industry. canias4.0 provides convenience at this point and brings the solution to the firm.

  • Food and Beverage Industry

    Business Management System for the Food and Beverage Industry

    The growing complexity of processes and requirements in the Food and Beverage Industry, as well as the high need for innovation, can be addressed with the help of canias4.0 business management system. This set of tools can help you adapt to an ever-changing legal framework, product traceability, and quality control management.

  • Metal Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE METAL INDUSTRY

    Unlike general ERP systems, canias4.0 boasts specialized functions that metal, wire and cable TV companies need to be able to solve the business problems that they encounter every day. Our business management system provides innovative and practical solutions.

  • Medical Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY

    Systematic, flexible and comprehensive canias4.0 system solutions meet the specific requirements of the Medical Industry and regulation. System enables to manage a large-scale data sets, simplifies operations across the medical industry as well as the Medical Services Industry, ensures compliance with applicable regulations, and maximizes operational efficiency.

  • Textile Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY

    canias4.0 software has proven that good results are possible even in industrial fields where intensive data collections and data traceability are critical. The efficient and convenient management of industrial data, including a variety of fabrics (fabrics, carpets, towels, etc.), without harming over-all efficiency, requires a balanced and flexibly adjusted canias4.0 system.

  • Construction Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY

    In the Construction Material Industry, canias4.0 helps monitor worker productivity, send invoices, and execute projects smoothly. The program keeps your information secure and makes it easy to share it with salesmen, suppliers, technical services or banks.

  • Project Management Industry

    Business Management System for the Project Management Industry

    Those responsible for managing the life cycle of a complex project are often forced to use individual software products to manage the various stages of a project - tendering, commercial, estimating, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing and manufacturing, planning, cost control, construction, installation and commissioning works. The capabilities of our company’s project management software combine these steps into one integrated process, incorporating real-time activity data directly into the project plan. It provides superior control and visibility, allowing real-time management of costs, cash, time, resources and risk. We offer a real project-based solution - essentially a company solution based on project management principles rather than repetitive processes.

  • Energy Industry

    Business Management System for the Energy Industry

    canias4.0 software offers power generation organizations a solution that provides enterprise ERP capabilities with functional depth in key areas including financial compliance and reporting, project and asset management, supply chain, and services. With the changing energy mix and declining renewable energy production, shrinking organizations, expanding new markets and geographic areas, canias4.0 software enables this transformation. canias4.0 offers the broadest enterprise solution for the energy industry: by supporting local and international manufacturing companies, managing complex organizational structures, controlling projects and optimizing assets and supply chains.

  • Automotive Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY

    In the automotive industry, it's good to have solutions that with complex planning tools that can help intelligently improve obstacle management. Organizations that produce products for the Automotive Industry also need effective ways to control contract production operations. The right solutions must help an organization become a more efficient part of the manufacturing management and supply chain. All of this can be managed with the help of one system – canias4.0.

  • Aviation and Defense Industry


    Manufacturing organizations providing products to the aviation and defense industries must frequently identify and respond to new challenges. Things in this industry change quickly, but with the canias4.0 business management system, organizations will be able to fulfil all of their requirements. canias4.0 was made to implement the complex requirements of the Aviation and Defense Industries.

  • Plastic Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE PLASTIC INDUSTRY

    You need an especially functional system to solve the various problems that you encounter every day in the Plastic Industry. It doesn't matter whether your business works with biomedicine, orthopedics, automobiles, electronics, computers, toys or other plastic-related fields - in this competitive industry, canias4.0 will help manage your business more efficiently.

  • Retail Industry

    Business Management System for Retail

    canias4.0 software fully complies with all management principles for retail. The POS module allows you to have an integrated cash register module, a fast and efficient integrated product planning system, allows you to quickly and efficiently view products in stock or arriving. In this way, the system allows marketers to effectively deliver the solutions needed for good and fast sales.


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