Business Management System FOR THE B2B AND B2C INDUSTRIES

Integrated cash registers, warehouses, loyalty cards and points, affiliate (bonus) points modules. canias4.0 helps to solve all the problems in sales sector by providing a complete process management tool.

B2B and B2C Industries

canias4.0 helps retailers to focus on sales and customer service by providing a fully integrated system.

canias4.0 for B2B and B2C Industries

Thanks to the independent structure and the ever-changing infrastructure and tax elements, canias4.0 offers a number of specific modules, along with standard ERP solutions for the software needs of retail and wholesale companies. canias4.0 has replaced standard retail solutions and separated the wholesale and retail modules by eliminating issues such as integration and data transfer between different systems. Full Integration with canias4.0 core modules, such as materials management, supply and purchasing, makes the retail solution more efficient and enables dynamic data exchange with other canias4.0 system modules.

We invite you to get acquainted with few functionalities that will help you grow and manage production processes in your industry.

Product Information and its Availability

  • Classification of the products to be sold in retail is very important for the sector. The number of classes should be left to the decision of the company that will use the application, without any restrictions. At this point, a configurator that will effectively manage the product classes should be supported under the product datasheets. Classes can be used for reporting purposes in the future as well as the main data source for pricing policies. The product group, gender, season, type of supply, etc. can be given as examples of product classes. In addition, product images, quality criteria and specifications if any, accounting connections, barcode list, product design, design information if it is made within the company, are some of the static data under the product data-sheet. This information should be available at all stages of the application.

Variant Configurator

  • The variant concept, which we can summarize as an additional tool in defining the product, is a feature of canias4.0 material cards management application. It can be described as the option of the product and the features detailed below. For example quality (first quality, second quality, third quality), degree of hardness (0,1,2,3)… Color and size in textile and shoes (size in jacket, length in jean pants) in the retail industry; pattern, size, color (palette), edge form on the carpet; color in the dowry; color, width, height in furniture; we can describe the width, length and thickness options in the roofing panel as the variant properties of the related products. In this description, for example, each color under the color feature refers to the options for that material. The variant should be determined based on the identity of the product and created on the basis of the norms accepted in the industry. There should be no restrictive factor in the variant concept of the software. It should enable an unlimited number of options, but support from an application consultant should be sought to determine the most appropriate number of options. With the concept, product information sheets should be opened as the main product, and combinations of variants should be managed without opening a new leaflet. The application manager should also be able to use pricing options according to the variant if necessary. The effective variant configurator of canias4.0 shares its solutions that have been used and stabilized for many years with the industry.

Pricing Policies

  • Discount applies to a certain product group in a certain date range is very common in the sector. Discounts can be a percentage or can be evaluated at a single price. It may be desirable to make an increase, albeit very rarely. It is very easy with canias4.0 to quickly define a new price for a group of products through the classes defined in the product data sheets. The new price can be applied directly to the product or can be defined in the system as a discount difference. If Loyalty-VIP card usage is available, additional discounts can be defined on the discount made. Therefore, pricing transactions are made quickly with reference in product class and/or customer class groups, since the history-based system can easily be kept in history.

Campaign Management

  • Since campaigns are limited to the imagination of retail managers today, software that is flexible enough to respond to this power is needed. “buy 2 get 1 free, get 2, one on us, buy red, white on us, spend 250 EUR, 50 EUR will be discounted”, etc., samples can be integrated into the software. With its flexible software architecture, canias4.0 can respond to these needs of the industry instantly.

Payment Types, Financial Applications and Bank Integration

  • Finance connections defined on product cards and sales invoices are collectively recognized with a single click. With the payment options entered during retail sales, what will be the POS blocked balance due, can be seen quickly with financial applications. POS approval number can be matched with the invoice issued in the system and it can be reported which approval payment has been received. Firms usually form 108 (A) – 102 (B) accounting records for overdue POS blocked solutions. In bank transactions, this voucher is created separately for each invoice. For example, in two stores, an average of 30/day accounting receipts are created for 15 sales receipts per day. As can be seen, the number of slips adds burden to the accounting department, making data entry and control difficult. With the integration work with banks within the scope of canias4.0 EDI module, these slips can be automatically entered into the system and only the control function can be loaded into the accounting department. If the store has been authorized to make expenses within a limit, expense records can be kept again with the canias4.0 Retail module and it is taken into consideration in the cash register. In addition, gift voucher applications, control and financial integration are offered to the management of users through canias4.0.

Supply Chain and Warehouse Management

  • Depending on the sector in which the firm operates and the level of institutionalization, different warehouse management approaches can be developed. While these approaches are planned at a level to fulfil the basic functions of the company, they should be open to additional process developments. Implementation should be concluded as a result of an analysis by the experienced application consultant and the company. To give an example of some warehouse management systems adapted in the sector with canias4.0.

Internal Transfer Request

  • In this method, the store manager enters the product he wants to see in his warehouse into the system together with the amount and date of need. An internal request record is created and the stores are submitted to the approval of their general control. If the confirmation is positive, the document is sent to the central warehouse as an order and the shipment takes place. The application can be used by the store manager or directly by the general manager of the stores, without the need for approval. Shipments can be tracked depending on the status (open, closed, partial).

Transfer Order

  • In this approach, which is mostly used by the general manager of the stores, an order transfer between stores or between stores/warehouses is created through a report. This order falls to the store/warehouse and the shipment is made.

Products Warehouse on the Road

  • In this approach, the product stock does not fall directly into the stock of the store or warehouse in transfer operations. The target warehouse is transferred to the previously identified “warehouse on the road”. When the products physically arrive at the target warehouse, the transfer process is transferred automatically to the main warehouse by reading or approving the barcode. This is mostly possible in stores with a structure that is called back-office.

Demand Forecasts

  • Demand trends can be estimated through the classes defined in the product data-sheet.

Barcoding and RFID Systems

  • They are the most basic tools of retail solutions. In case it is used effectively in sales and logistics operations, it increases speed and accuracy in the operations performed.

Intercompany Integrations

  • Data exchange is provided in the digital environment with the supplier company.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Customer information can be obtained during sales as well as external data from any source. In companies that do not use cash registers, their names, surnames, districts and telephone information can be obtained during sales if desired. Firms using cash registers access customer information more inductively. The customer information associated with the sales documents can be used to report when the client’s history came last, total sales amount, special products of interest, etc.

Customer Information Services

  • The role of information tools by mail and/or message in promoting the product or marketing activities is very important. These tools need to be managed through the app.

Social Media

  • It is a very up-to-date approach to trigger social media tools directly from the application. Retail companies can pass instant discount and promotional information to their followers, especially through social networks; they can advertise on social networks for free or at very affordable prices.

Customer Cards

  • Whether the cards created by the retail company (loyalty, VIP etc.) or issued by a third party company the main goal of customer cards is to follow customer information, reward and create addiction. Applications such as the ability of the customer to collect bonuses and spend via cards should also be managed through the existing software. Processing and tracking of 3rd party cards to the company can be done through canias4.0 EDI module.

Internal Demand Management

  • The product demands of the stores from each other’s stocks can be managed with internal demand and transfer applications in canias4.0. In this way, the products move faster among the stores, contributing to the reduction of inventory turnover and square meter unit costs.

Other Retail Applications

  • Software manufacturer firms, whose main goal is to offer modern retail applications to the service of users, should include functions such as tax-free sales, diplomatic exception sales, sales returns, exchanges, customer-specific orders (in boutique merchandising) and repairs, as well as normal sales functions canias4.0 Retail module contains related solutions.

Barcode and Weighing Integration

  • Weighing tools and barcode printers can be integrated as part of the module by integrating it with the retail module, similarly in the jewellery industry, where weight is important. In this way, it saves the user from manual data entry and error risk.


  • Firms need more dynamic reports as well as reports such as sales/leftovers, product shelf life, and m2 productivity that are frequently used in retail. These reports can be converted into data cubes and reorganized in detail with various datasets via the canias4.0 IQ module, which forms the business intelligence infrastructure of canias4.0. The fact that the retail solution is a module of ERP rendered the data produced in retail together with the data produced with other modules.

Mobile and Web Solutions

  • We can evaluate this item under the title of “online marketing”. Communication of all actions taken at virtual POS points with canias4.0 can be provided full-time through the web service infrastructure of canias4.0. Current stocks, prices and other information can be made synchronized with web/mobile applications without using any intermediate applications. The data source of the applications is the first and one-stop ERP software.

Preliminary Definitions and Authorization

  • Store-safe-cashier-sales consultant definitions, User authorization, Defining additional discount based on user, User roles and access control can be managed by canias4.0 standard applications.

Central Office, Back-Office and POS Points

  • Main functions of the head office:
    // Supply chain management (demand planning, central warehouse and purchasing functions)
    // Pricing policies and promotions
    // Human Resources
    // Public relations
    // Accounting
    // Financial applications, inventory valuation, profitability analysis
    // Marketing
    // Customer relations management
    // Budget, investment
    // Stock count

    “Back-Offices” serve as sales support in stores, but are generally deployed in large stores. In stores without “Back-Office” sales support functions are carried out by the store staff.

    “Back-Offices” main functions are:
    // Product barcoding, alarming (if necessary)
    // Warehouse operations (stock entry, return etc.)
    // Internal product demand entries
    // After-sales services, warranty tracking
    // Return, exchange and repair procedures follow-up

Network Planning

  • In cases where the online structure is set up in chain stores, the main server should be in the head office. In this case, the stores will be connected to the main server online. EDI (data communication) module should be adapted in stores where the offline structure will be built. In terms of ease of maintenance and simultaneous operation, it would be more correct to choose the online connection structure. The offline structure is installed only when there is no internet access. During this period, invoices and inventory transactions made at the store are synchronized with the main server when the system goes online. This synchronization is done through the EDI module of canias4.0.

The main recommended modules in the B2B and B2C Industries

  • Module

    Sales Management

  • Module

    Purchasing Management

  • Module

    Verification Management

  • Module

    Financial Accounting Management

  • Module

    Export Management

  • Module

    Import Management


Due to its unique technology, architecture, and development environment, the TROIA code management tool provides customers with direct access to program code. Therefore, with canias4.0 software, companies can flexibly and efficiently adapt and further develop existing solutions.


  • Pipe Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE PIPE INDUSTRY

    As most of the organizations are mid-sized companies in this industry, they need to manage their business process with the help of software solution. canias4.0 will help to cope up with the demand of quality products and supply of quality products.

  • Packaging and Print Industry


    Globalization, innovative technologies and increasing consumer demands characterized by individualization, product safety and environmental compatibility are currently placing strong demands on the packaging industry. Thus, a strong change in the way any kind of product is packaged, labeled and offered for sale is high on the agenda in this industry. Solutions that make processes and workflows flexible and drive the digitalization of production technology in the packaging industry are the right answer.

  • B2B and B2C Industries

    Business Management System FOR THE B2B AND B2C INDUSTRIES

    canias4.0 software fully complies with all management principles for B2B and B2C Industries. The POS module allows you to have an integrated cash register module, a fast and efficient integrated product planning system, allows you to quickly and efficiently view products in stock or arriving. In this way, the system allows marketers effectively deliver solutions needed for good and fast sales.

  • Electronics and Telecommunications Industry


    Few industrial fields are as unpredictable and fast as modern electronics and technology innovations. Are you a telecommunications or business electronics parts manufacturer? Do you provide highly regulated devices to the medical, aviation and defense, or automotive industries? The canias4.0 business management system provides program solutions that will help you create a quality product and manage processes to stay in the lead in your competitive environment.

  • Glass Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE GLASS INDUSTRY

    As in some sectors, the glass industry also has its own differences and applications. Most of the companies operating in this sector start with the priority of the offer to be given to the sales process. It is a sector that starts with such a priority application in the glass industry. canias4.0 provides convenience at this point and brings the solution to the firm.

  • Food and Beverage Industry

    Business Management System for the Food and Beverage Industry

    The growing complexity of processes and requirements in the Food and Beverage Industry, as well as the high need for innovation, can be addressed with the help of canias4.0 business management system. This set of tools can help you adapt to an ever-changing legal framework, product traceability, and quality control management.

  • Metal Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE METAL INDUSTRY

    Unlike general ERP systems, canias4.0 boasts specialized functions that metal, wire and cable TV companies need to be able to solve the business problems that they encounter every day. Our business management system provides innovative and practical solutions.

  • Medical Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY

    Systematic, flexible and comprehensive canias4.0 system solutions meet the specific requirements of the Medical Industry and regulation. System enables to manage a large-scale data sets, simplifies operations across the medical industry as well as the Medical Services Industry, ensures compliance with applicable regulations, and maximizes operational efficiency.

  • Textile Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY

    canias4.0 software has proven that good results are possible even in industrial fields where intensive data collections and data traceability are critical. The efficient and convenient management of industrial data, including a variety of fabrics (fabrics, carpets, towels, etc.), without harming over-all efficiency, requires a balanced and flexibly adjusted canias4.0 system.

  • Construction Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY

    In the Construction Material Industry, canias4.0 helps monitor worker productivity, send invoices, and execute projects smoothly. The program keeps your information secure and makes it easy to share it with salesmen, suppliers, technical services or banks.

  • Project Management Industry

    Business Management System for the Project Management Industry

    Those responsible for managing the life cycle of a complex project are often forced to use individual software products to manage the various stages of a project - tendering, commercial, estimating, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing and manufacturing, planning, cost control, construction, installation and commissioning works. The capabilities of our company’s project management software combine these steps into one integrated process, incorporating real-time activity data directly into the project plan. It provides superior control and visibility, allowing real-time management of costs, cash, time, resources and risk. We offer a real project-based solution - essentially a company solution based on project management principles rather than repetitive processes.

  • Energy Industry

    Business Management System for the Energy Industry

    canias4.0 software offers power generation organizations a solution that provides enterprise ERP capabilities with functional depth in key areas including financial compliance and reporting, project and asset management, supply chain, and services. With the changing energy mix and declining renewable energy production, shrinking organizations, expanding new markets and geographic areas, canias4.0 software enables this transformation. canias4.0 offers the broadest enterprise solution for the energy industry: by supporting local and international manufacturing companies, managing complex organizational structures, controlling projects and optimizing assets and supply chains.

  • Automotive Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY

    In the automotive industry, it's good to have solutions that with complex planning tools that can help intelligently improve obstacle management. Organizations that produce products for the Automotive Industry also need effective ways to control contract production operations. The right solutions must help an organization become a more efficient part of the manufacturing management and supply chain. All of this can be managed with the help of one system – canias4.0.

  • Aviation and Defense Industry


    Manufacturing organizations providing products to the aviation and defense industries must frequently identify and respond to new challenges. Things in this industry change quickly, but with the canias4.0 business management system, organizations will be able to fulfil all of their requirements. canias4.0 was made to implement the complex requirements of the Aviation and Defense Industries.

  • Plastic Industry

    Business Management System FOR THE PLASTIC INDUSTRY

    You need an especially functional system to solve the various problems that you encounter every day in the Plastic Industry. It doesn't matter whether your business works with biomedicine, orthopedics, automobiles, electronics, computers, toys or other plastic-related fields - in this competitive industry, canias4.0 will help manage your business more efficiently.

  • Retail Industry

    Business Management System for Retail

    canias4.0 software fully complies with all management principles for retail. The POS module allows you to have an integrated cash register module, a fast and efficient integrated product planning system, allows you to quickly and efficiently view products in stock or arriving. In this way, the system allows marketers to effectively deliver the solutions needed for good and fast sales.


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